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    1. santanico
      you must've been dropped on your head as an infant. fuck off
      1. CM Pope and John Wick like this.
    2. santanico
      English motherfucker, you speak it? dumb cunt
      1. CM Pope likes this.
    3. Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee
      how do u know im mexicun, i think im going to sleep, done with ur shit brosisnkyy :MGNT

      have a good night
    4. Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee
      i see, you are that guy, if i could i would kill your whole family in rl right now, you want to give me the cyber-tought guy impression, i might as well play that game too, u homo-nerd.

      the last time we had a conversation like this you reported me :heart
      1. John Wick likes this.
    5. Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee
      oooh it seems that i have talk with you before, are you arohk or that fagt that used to have a Majin Boo set?
    6. [S-A-F]
      Tatsunami Youtoku is another great milf artist. :LOS
    7. [S-A-F]
      hmm the noses might take a minute to get used to but yeah dats the old school milf style alright. :LOS the dude who did Scarlet Desire series is another classic milf artist. :datass
    8. [S-A-F]
      Thanks. :datass nah never heard of him, is he a hentai artist or something? :hmm
    9. Yagami1211
      Predictabol !
    10. OodboO
      haha :laugh
    11. OodboO
      Haha, Light x Misa. I think that's an equivalent of SasuKarin. :rotfl Honestly all the pairings I listed myself I can make into Naruto pairing translations. :hehee
    12. OodboO
      I liked Sailor Moon and Taxedo Mask when I was 5. :rotfl

      I like Kei and Hikari from Special A (they're like Naruto-the girl and Sasuke-the boy :hehee)
      Levi and Hanji seem like an interesting couple. :hehee
      Tenzin and Pema from Avatar.
      Mugen and Fuu from Samurai Champloo.
      Kaname Yuuki from Vampire Knight.
      Ichigo Rukia from Bleach. UlqiHime looks good though. :hehee
      Daenerys Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.
      Arata Chihaya from Chihayafuru.
      Flynn and Rapunzel from Tangled.
      Tamaki Haruhi from OHSHC..

      I think that's all I ever saw. :grin
      You? :iria
    13. OodboO
      I would have to analyze forever.
      But to put as succinctly as I can... :sweatdrop
      ItaSaku is sort of an intellectually mature as a pairing. It looks like Itachi and Sakura could form a harmonious relationship, how she would admire him and he would give her a sort of care he gave Sasuke. Sakura can be repressed and insecure, but Itachi looks like a guy who would see it and (unlike Naruto) would not let it slide, but would know how to tend to it. He would know how to make that girl happy and annul her flaws, and she would be a perfect companion for him because of her kindness, respectfulness, hard work and strength.

      NaruIno looks like a "celebrity pairing". Naruto attracts people and oozes this charisma. Ino is just as much of an attention whore as Naruto. :hehee She'd be his companion able to keep up both in public and private. Like she'd complete his life, but belong in it more than any other girl.
      She is also mature, while he is goofy, she is very insightful and honorable which Naruto would respect, she's confident and there might be teasing and playfulness between them caused by their confident attitudes. Ino just looks the down to Earth, smart girl that would work well with Naruto.

      ShinoTen, honestly because they're both sanest people in that show. They are both oddly rational whenever they get screentime to talk. Shino is also a total weirdo and Tenten is fun and upbeat. I just think those two would come into contact, understand each other and start making out. :hehee
    14. OodboO
      I like making up pairings based on presumed best personality dynamics match. I like SuiKarin, ItaSaku, NaruIno, ShinoTen, ShikaTema... :33
      You? :iria
    15. OodboO
      Never thought about it since I use to halfheartedly ship NaruHina and SasuSaku both. I hung around their crowd for the most part and I haven't met many NaruSaku fans since I never went into those pairing debate threads, or fanclubs that much.
      Females I know ship NaruSaku seem less aggressive about it I think. :quite That's about it. :sweatdrop
    16. OodboO
      SH is in 3 words peaceful, intimate and traditional.
      The fans of the pairing are either superficial and love how they look together, or like talking about the relationship dynamic as a whole (the jist of the SH fandom). ^^
      Oddly enough not enough females there who self insert since many of us tend to have personalities more like Naruto, while males who like SasuHina seem to self insert somewhat. :quite
      The SH fandom has the largest percentage of males I've seen in a pairing fandom, even if it has the lowest number of fans out of the 4 combos. :quite
    17. OodboO
      What is your favorite pairing? :33
    18. OodboO
      Haha I made a few points in a beginning of this HoU convo why I like SasuHina. A sec. :nod

      link to post

      I agree with you. What people mainly ship mostly either reveals what kind of a relationship they want in their life, which character they care most about because that character is like a loved one, or themselves, or which character is closest what they'd prefer in a partner. If you talk to people it's always one of those. :quite

      I discovered many NaruHina fans seem to have a heavy obsession with Hinata for some reason, while SasuSaku fans think Madara by enlarge is most attractive character in the manga. :hehee
    19. OodboO
      Indeed. :33
    20. OodboO
      :omg We should be friends.
    21. OodboO
      You're one of the few who didn't neg me for my thoughts. :hehee
    22. santanico
      I took it from Hollie
    23. santanico
      its supposed to be pre time skip Hinata
    24. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Don't rep me. Neg me instead
    25. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      I'm actually borrowing it! Someone else posted it when we brought up the resemblance before!
    26. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      You're not the only one.
    27. Winchester Gospel
      Winchester Gospel
      Ah, it's actually a girl named San from the film, Princess Mononoke. I can see the resemblance, though!
    28. Nuuskis
      One bad chapter isn't gonna make me stop reading.
    29. Fourangers
      thanks! (10chara)
    30. Fourangers

      But please don't spread around, the artist knows that her art is constantly being targeted to be posted without her previous authorization and without putting the correct credits, so she already changed her URL twice or thrice...:cry
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